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- I’ve never been in the female ass. – I said without embarrassment.

- Lubrication is needed? – I continued.
- I have full pussy grease! – Vozhdeleya replied Aunt Lena.
I dipped in pussy his unit, ran his hand and began collecting moisture abundantly lubricated anus, developing his finger (as seen in porn).
- Bury me all! – Elena pleaded.

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I took the cock in his hand and pointed to the hot ass of my lover, my dick on the road have not met too much difficulty, but still pretty tight Elena hugged my horny dildo. I moved already a confident pace, without a shadow of a doubt that bitch ass mastering.
- Come on deep!

That’s it yeah! You classy dick! Have me, I’m your bitch! – The whole room shouted Lena.
- What did you get healthy Serge, that’s my daughter-in-law would be such as you! – She murmured.

With every such compliment my torpedo became tighter and tighter, the pressure grew, giving the impression that dick and that increases to explode. And then came the rush of pleasure, Elena start to twitch in sweet convulsions and fell face down on the bed, but I kept her master will drive a dick in her asshole as deep as he could, grasping with a lustful female for tits.

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- This is my best fuck in the ass! – She said proudly, and kissed me.

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