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Sex chat moblie. Mom stuck right behind us, she thought we were in the toilet! But Lisa told her that she was going to smoke and talk to me about something!

Then drunk mom Zadran skirt pulled her thong and sat down to write in my eyes! Lisa began to laugh out loud, I got up again! Mom finished her task got up, dressed, as if it is necessary (when the son of writing), hiiknula patting me on the cheek and went back velyaya booty on the veranda!

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I asked Lisa
- Why my mom did not hesitate, this has never happened with her hand ever!?
- I’m not sure that you understand all wrong! Lisa answered.

I little knew what she meant! Member did not stop and stand still Lisa was dressed in such a small straight shorts, her ass looked so firm and so badly wanted to touch it! Yes We reached the barn, went for it! Again, I asked Lisa
- All the same, so why did my mother!?
- You have a girlfriend!?

Lisa asked.
- At the moment, no! ‘I replied.
- And you had sex with a girl someday!?

Lisa asked.
By how much I was drunk, said to her,
- Yes, of course, and more than once!
Lisa handed me a beer, I finished it and put the bottle!
- I like you did not answer the question! ‘I said.

- Want your mom!? Lisa asked.
I was a little scared and said:
- No! Where such questions!?
Lisa laughed and walked closer to me and kissed me passionately My dick jumped up again, I was taken aback a bit!

- And I want!? Lisa asked.
At the head of the line ran (once she kissed me, you should answer the truth and refill, I felt instinctively that today it just fuck).

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