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He realized that things are not important. It’s all come with time . It would be happiness and peace in the house and beat him and hang new curtains – simple.

- Curtains ? – Flora said absently . – Well, to hell with them. Hang new .
Adam laughed even louder.
- Look , it’s even better . You are now free to start everything from scratch and place our home in his taste . So we can only thank this stupid wretch .
He hugged her and held her close.

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From their clothes cloud of dust rose .
- In the bathroom! – Adam ordered . – Wash and in bed !
- Oh, what a wonderful hospitable host – in turn laughed Flora .
- In the West people are hospitable – a sly said Adam .
- Hear , hear … And if you have enough strength and patience to really please the guests?

He grinned playfully .
- This house is top-notch , Mrs. Serre !
In May , for the full delight of Lucy at Flora and Adam’s son was born – the memorable and joyous event . Two years later, the family received one more boy.

And by the time of birthday girl Lucy celebrated for eight years – from timid selfishness inherent in her four years of age , was gone : now she was in seventh heaven , that she had a sister.
Almost every year the graph Shastellyuks undertook with his growing family long journeys in order to please his wife , who enthusiastically engaged anthropology.
James became Uncle James – after he committed suicide with his numerous love affairs and prefer a string of lovers in his Spring beauties Lily . Random webcam gay chat.

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