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- Verunov, that’s not all …
- And what else?
- Let me remind you … A month ago, you came to my house.

You did not have anything! I helped you. Gave money for clothes, did not ask for housing bubble, the food you eat …

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- So …
- Now I like kvartirodatel and your benefactor, I want you to give all the money in equity.

- But you did not say that I will be …
- And you did not ask! I calculated that with you 23 thousand rubles.
- But I have no money. I earn a little, you know!

- I know and so I suggest another option, without money.
- What?
- You’re going to do what I tell you.

If you do everything right and good, then I’ll let you continue to live without paying me anything. And if you’re afraid for their honor, I promise: you will remain a virgin. I am a decent person and keep his word.
I thought …

Unfortunately, I had no choice. There was no money, no one to take, nowhere to go! I fell into the trap. Hesitantly, I agreed.

First Maxim told me to call him “Master”. Call him every time he asks something or orders to do. Maxim sat lounging in a chair in jeans and a tight black T-shirt.

Figure he was strong. He worked in the gym and on the hands were visible inflated muscles. On the back as well discernible strong muscles, posture why it was very smooth, as in the military.
Maxim ordered: “Take off your clothes!”.

I slowly took off her clothes, leaving only a lacy bra and white shorts of the same color.
I have a large chest size 3, beautiful ass. Many have said that I have amazing long black hair, which slide along the smooth tanned back and reach to the priests.

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