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-Well you ponimaesch that I did not just asked for a massage just for you. I noticed your interest in my feet in the hall. Like it? – She asked.
I nodded my head to say no vsilu chtolibo
-I do not somnevalas.-Alain smiled. – and I nesomnevayus that you like it!.

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I listened to her.
-open your mouth, she said.
I obeyed. She raised her bare foot to my mouth. Start poking fingers.

I byo no power to resist in the more brackish taste of her legs I liked. Alain stuck his fingers in his mouth completely and then started to shove the rest of sharply feet. Here in my mouth became sole and I started to feel pain.

But Alain continued zasovat leg. I was ready to scream but her leg prevented me from. She saw my anguish and pulled his leg in the mouth leaving a bitter taste brackish.

Now the second leg, said Alain.
But the second leg she just handed me saying lick. Then I sucked on your heel that has been in my mouth. Finally she wiped the drool from my wet feet on my face and said,
-if you do not want someone to have learned about this we will prodelyvat this regularly.

I nodded. I liked it and I wanted to continue. But Allen ordered her to wear pantyhose and shoes. Before leaving, she said that time will tell followingManufacture session.
As I wrote this story on the phone then I am sorry for punctuation and some errors.

The phone is very inconvenient to type.
And more. If this story will score at least 7 balls, I’ll write a sequel!) Andrew Nikita liked immediately – at a glance …

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