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And when my husband seemed ripe for implementation of my plan, I told him that he must be a security guard at my work.

He tried to refuse, but I said that I do not need anything in particular, just enough to bring to the specified address, and wait there to take on the offensive certain hours. And he agreed.
So one of the days we went with him to the address where we were waiting.

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We drove up and rang the bell. The doors opened and we were let inside. In a large room at the table on which stood a guileless fare, is located three men.

Two guards were out of the club, and the third very nasty-looking little man, all in blue tattooed and was probably their friend. Seeing us, they poured a hundred more, drank and smoked.

My husband wanted to leave, but they did not allow him to do so, and offered us to sit with them at the table and drink. Tie between us has become meaningless everyday conversation about the weather, hobbies, football.

At that moment, when my husband answered one of the questions posed to me he threw on a slipknot and slightly strangled him. One pulled out a syringe and injected him some stuff. After the injection, they held it for several minutes until trash is not launched and released.

One of the guys laughed and said: “Well, all pancake, it’s ready.”
-Who’s first? – Asked the second.
-Suppose first that will wash your ass, – replied the first. Then he added, – do you hear motherfucker, go the bathroom substitution, we are now going to fuck you.

-And you’ll ask us podmahivat and more, then you vylizhesh on dicks and assholes – said the second. Free adult webcam 1.

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