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I was already very drunk and decided to ask:
- Mom, why is this happening, why we bathed together, kissing!?
- Because I want you! Mom said.

- Lisa handed us the wine we drank!
- Call me today, Jack! Mom asked me.
- Okay! ‘I replied.

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They were so beautiful! And suddenly they started kissing, I took them by the ass!
- Remove from me the dress! Popoosila my mom

I took off! She wore a black linen (stockings and thong), the bra was not I section Lisa, she was wearing the same white only, I thought (suddenly they have long agreed on it?)
Mom knelt down and took my cock in her mouth!

Lisa began to kiss me, I touched her breasts! Then Lisa sank to the bottom and they suck as a couple, I thought now I finish, but not (I had to enjoy the full)! Suddenly Mom rose
and asked me:
- Fuck me!?
- Yes, I replied.
Lisa stood up and went to pour the wine!

- Take off my panties! Mom said.
I sat down and began to slowly pull off her thong! She was there to clean-shaven I kissed her and stood there!
- Good boy told me mom.

We approached Lisa and began to drink wine! Mom contraction Nula panties with Lisa and said:
- Let’s go pee!?
We went out into the street and began to write together not otvarachivayas! Returned, Mom came to the table and leaned cancer said:
- Fuck me!

I approached her in the back, picked up a glass of wine, made glatok and put his penis in her! She was very wet! Lisa came up to me and started kissing me! At this time I dryuchil his mother from the shower!

She moaned, screamed , In a moment, she said: Cam sex online chatroom.

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