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My sister is very beautiful and I childhood dream to see her naked. Once I saw her going to the bath in his shorts and even as it is not in a meaningful touch her breasts, but it was not that. And I decided that this summer I got to see her naked.

When I came to her and unpacked my things, I went to the kitchen, where my sister was cooking something delicious. We started talking about how I reached that was in the way, how are you doing in my house in another city, and of all similar topics.

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I asked her, “Can I ask you a few very intimate questions?”
- Well, ask – she replied.
- Do you masturbate? – I asked.
- What? – She asked.
I repeated my question.
- Well, it happens – she said, and immediately asked me, “And you?”
- Well, certainly not without it – I replied.

- And how do you do it? – I asked again.
She was dressed in short shorts and a long shirt. And she showed shorts, rolling his hand up and down quickly.
- Hey, can you see my dick? I just can not understand I’m circumcised or not – I asked.

- Well, the show – a little surprised she said.
Then I got up from the couch, walked over to her and took off his jeans and briefs. And before it was brought my dick gets up.

She turned to face me, looked member and said, “Yeah, you’re cut off.” Then took my penis in her hand gets up and began to slowly massage it.
- And I want you jerk – she asked me.
- Of course, I want – I replied happily.

She took hold of the stronger my circumcised penis and began to masturbate. Not long afterwards it second hand, began to massage my balls. Cam chat teen.

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