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- Yes learned greetings. Happy New Year to you.
- And you too.

What are you doing? Do not want to make the company in celebrating the new year? And then we sit with a friend and we were really boring, and you have to constantly work such massovik entertainer and you all always fun.

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For me it was surprising to hear it from her, may be she called me because I was the only one who have never tried to persuade her to have sex? Although this idea was, but I can always tempered.
- Well, in principle it is possible, and where to go then?

She called address. I quickly got on the road dropped into the store took two bottles of good wine.
As I drove from the store to her home, I did not go out of my head the idea that suddenly turn today to fuck her, so much so that it is then more and more would like it.

23 cm is still a very good size and all the girls with whom I had sex were very pleased.
I knocked on the door and when she opened it, and I saw her immediately felt my cock began to wake up.

She was wearing a tight black dress with a plunging neckline, or black tights or stockings and stilettos. Her hair was in a bun and it was all so harmoniously and sexy.
- Hi, quickly reached.

Was allowed to run into the room.
- Yes taxi arrived quickly, but with the new year. And stretch package, where wine and chocolates.
We went into the room, I saw her first girlfriend.

Her name was Lena, blonde with short hair, a pretty face, slightly unbuttoned white blouse, skirt just below the knee, and shoes. Boys free chat cam.

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