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That I just have not tried it, but once the new becomes old. Need this sparkle again: pure breath of modern times, a wide view of things. And then one day it hit me in the head was only one enthusiastic phrase: “Well, of course!

MLM! As I had not doper?”. I was overwhelmed with joy. MLM is currently “bonanza” for me.
Subordinating the will of man, psychological domination over it, and most importantly the desire at all costs “fuck” next “loser” are the essence of MLM.

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Excuse me, that I had not thought about network marketing, but since coming up with the essence of the next game I have myself, then not until I can just “walk away” immediately.
Of course the main thing for me was only one thing: that this “dominator” was a pretty girl, sincerely hates all the so-called clients, which it is trying to sell at any price, these “golden” vacuums or jars “genius” pill for all ills.

I had previously played with “kidalschitsami” gave themselves to breed inexperienced juvenile schoolgirls, which in this “kidatelnom” business more than all the others put together. I decided that since I had the idea to play with MLM, it may, there are more interesting options for me.

I typed in the search engine: “People, this is a scam!” and started going through all the links in a row going into the various articles open forums. I liked the one funny comment:
“Losharik hello)))))))))
Sponsored a Scam E-300 rubles for {censored} drive with book))))))))))))

Sit a mother!! but more funny!!
The office is on Smolensk!!!!!!!!!! Webcam chat c2c.

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