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Intim chat free. A few minutes later we were already on the brink. Alexei heard that I was increasingly louder and start “aah” realized that I was about to finish and increased the pace. He drives the his penis to its full length, and his testicles were fighting over my clit.

And finally, my vagina was compressed from surging indescribable orgasm! So good! Incredible orgasm!

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Alexei became close behind me and the feeling that we end at the same time further strengthened and extended my orgasm! I think it lasted for a minute … And this moment stretched into infinity.
Helplessness I fell on the bed, and Alex at me.

We lay there panting from the resulting pleasure. Between his legs was all my lubrication. Member Alexei was still in me, not wanting to leave my burrow.
But everything comes to an end. Alexei took out his dick and I pulled off his prezik.

- Wow, how much! – Escaped me when I saw that prezike almost two tablespoons of semen.
- What your husband less?
- Yeah will be smaller!
- All the different there.
- And the taste? – I asked, though of course knew the answer already.

- If you honestly have not tried, but I think that too – smile, replied Alex. Want to try it, compare it with the taste of sperm your husband.
- No, I’m too shy – bursting paint such an offer I said.

- Come on, after that it can not be shy – said Alexey and held it to my face his penis, which is not a “standing”, but was still swollen and large sizes. On his head was smeared reddened erstwhile sperm. Alexei picked up his cock and pressed him.

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