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“Its up to our girls need to drag – then I intervened. – Let’s put it to them in the House on the quiet hours. Let them stand up naked, that is cool.

And do not let the toilet if the request. Fuck him in the ass. ” – “No need to girls – it seems that just now Tsvetikov frightened in earnest. – I will not, I promise. I stand corrected. That is, I already corrected.

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Cowards only return. ” – “You did not say the magic word” please “. – “Oh, please, Innocent Pavlovich, give me my pants. And Mike, too, if you can “- he whined, tearful. – “On, take your stuff, nyunya. You can dress up. And now – a march to his ward!

Move! Remove socks – and under the covers! Alive! A minute later come – check. ”
Tsvetikova this should not have to be told twice. Pulling Panties somehow grabbed an armful shirt and rubbing his hand back on the move, he jumped into the corridor boom.

Then we looked at each other Keshka. “Never mind, it is useful – brother grumbled. – In therapeutic purposes … They do not understand the different “-” Oh, it was necessary to have this … thing … BUGGER. ” – “Bugger?

Am I his little Bugger, do you think? “-” Well, I mean – to omit. ” – “Down?” – “Yeah, for the order.” – “Where are omitted?” – “Enough you pretend all you know … You used it in the ass grilled, and I kept.” – “Ah, here you talking about! Yeah, no harm in dreaming.

Only in such cases on the head not pat. If the authorities to come … ” Gay cam chatting rooms.

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