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Free chatting online fuck. Rummaging in a drawer he took something and brought me back.
- Bend over, bitch! Do not know how to take … landlady gifts? – So I’ll teach you!

With these words, he hit me on the ass whip. I screamed. Maxim foot pressed down on my neck and pressed her head to the floor.
- And lie!

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What you have to answer?
- Yes, Master.
- For the gifts we have to thank, bitch!
- Thank you, Master!

Maxim included vibrator and put me in the ass. I felt dizzy. Strange feeling descended on the body. Strange, but they were pleasant to me. We can say that because I lost my virginity and anal.

We continued … I sucked his cock from all sides. He smiled, sometimes gently lashing me in the ass.

After 10 minutes, Maxim ordered:
- Suck faster, accelerate!
I began to make faster, but I have turned bad. Lash has become more and more be my ass. Leash sharper tensioned.

- What’s up, bitch? Resist?
- No, Master! I do not know how soon … I’m sorry.

- Certainly forgive you! But first I want to fuck you in the mouth. But that is not kicking you …
With these words, he again hit me in the face. I fell again.

Max pulled the leash me to him put. Then he ordered to continue. He said, looking into my eyes until I again caressed his tongue big dick:
- You capricious. I do not fit.

You will do what I say and when I say! Any disobedience will be punished.
While Max says, his hands collected the hair on my head to the tail. He held them, and when he had finished speaking, two hands took my head and began to drive its not a small dick deep into my mouth.

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