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Then let embarking. ” And he resolutely threw the blanket away …
Then when it was done, with regret Venka plucked from his half-eaten chocolate tiny piece and handed Denis: “At accept the bounty of my” – “Come in here, why so few?” – “Little? – Venka surprised. – You and not so much on engorged.

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You still need to learn. ” Blotter started giggling loudly in his corner. “I tried,” – said Denis. If there had been in place Venka anyone else, he would not have tolerated it.

Quarrel with the same Venka he did not want: each movement Venkinom guessed some authoritativeness and even his eyes hypnotized. “So sucks tried – Venka grumbled. – And besides, it’s expensive chocolate, Finnish. You know what deficit?

Me his dad brings from abroad. ”
That first night Denis tormented anguish. He could not sleep in a new place, and lay staring at the bright disk of the moon through the window. The moon was remarkably similar to Earth, with the same continents and oceans.

The boy thought he even distinguishes bright spots cities, here and there scattered over the lunar surface. That would fly there on a rocket and look at these lunar city! .. And that may well happen that one day he will sit on a spaceship and then everything – good-bye, life on earth, I am sending you my cosmic hi …

And the next morning in their ward appeared Igor Ivanov, head of the department, – thin middle-aged man with glasses and a beard, like de Treville. Free chatroulete no sign up.

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