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- Not at all. Nonsense. You’re full of skills. Remember what I told you about self-esteem?

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As a quick learner, learn a lesson, Polly rolled her eyes and blurted out:
- Yes, Miss Essie, I remember! – And then turned into a preoccupied young woman. But I do understand that a present. If not for you, I’d still be working the night shift in the packing office.

- I did not do anything special. Anyone would have done in my place in the same way.
- No. You have done for me. Dali’s work helped to find an apartment when her mother kicked me out of the house.

Restored my future. And I’m worried about … – Polly took Essie’s hand. – If you have done all this for me, for your former student, who has not seen for many years, just because it just felt sorry for me, what will you do in such a case for Lionel? For Lionel, who was in love with?

Unfortunately, Polly was not the only one worried about it. The same concern did not give Essie rest, crushing all other thoughts. Trying to dissuade Polly, she said:
- Everything will be okay. Trust me.

It seemed that this assurance calmed Polly. But the conversation made Essie think about their problems. She was too keen Lionel.

Reminders Polly clearly redundant: and so she knows it.
She wanted only one thing – to go to bed with Lionel. Last night, in between there was so much passion … To cope with the memories of the previous night and the beautiful sex can be, but how to cope with your feelings?

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