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Before me sat a girl of 10 class. She did not particularly like her, but she was simpotichnoy brunette.

True small growth.
So I sat and missed. Accidentally came across my mind that the legs brunette (her name was Lena). She wore a beautiful black shoes on a long thin heel. I continued to look at her legs.

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She was tired of walking all day in high heels and therefore constantly prisnimala them baring their pyatochku. It is a pity that it was winter and all wore these fucking tights, but nevertheless its leg looked very beautiful.

A minute later she took off her shoes completely putting their feet on the floor. Such a sight I am very pleased.
The concert went. I looked at Lena noi.

Member I was not a spectacle but I liked it. She then prisnimala shoes baring pyatochku then rented them completely giving foot rest. Then someone called her and she turned around at that moment when I looked at her legs, which she placed on the floor by removing shoes. She noticed my look.

I went to pee. The toilet was in another part of the school and I went there on the deserted corridors. Once I got out and went back tubzy the hall he met Allen.

She looked at me wincing from fatigue in the legs. What happened after that I probably remember for a very long time.
-kid! You can ask for a request? – She asked. At first I did not believe that it is me.

-yes. What happened?
-I understand the whole day on my feet and was very tired. Do me a foot massage.

I felt something pull in his underpants. But agreed. Chat sex onlin.

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