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Chat lesbiene. We parents are not old, father 53, mother 49. We live in a small town near Sochi, Plastunka called.
-Son, father turned to me, go and warn our new relatives that wedding Consist exactly 14-00 hours, if not late.

Order was trifling, especially as brother and sister went to buy a suit to Sochi Cenis, and send no one else was. With great pleasure, I started just bought your Jeep and Volvo ponessa the settlement.

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The house my daughter greeted very warmly congratulated the new purchase and I was about to leave, Ira, was the name of the daughter, begged to be in solon wedding dresses.
-Roma is very close, she said, about 20 minutes drive, try on dresses and then go back.

-Of course dear, here we go, I said, and off we went.
-Ira, do not play dear, behave modestly, the girl’s mother admonished.
-Yes Mom, what kind of conversation, she said my mother, and I winked.

Cheerful girl shustrenkaya, cheerful, I thought.
-Specify route Ira, in the tone of her spirits ask the girls – doedem faster, and just as she is, wink.
-Class, she said, and smiled. – Go top Plastunka to the village council, a shop there.

Upon arrival, she hopped into the room running, and after 5 minutes jumped back and asked me to go with her for a fitting.
-Come with me, you look like when stitched dress, what are the disadvantages, because they need to sell, and the shortcomings and did not pay attention.

Ira in the dressing without much scruple she struggled out of her blouse, Korotenko ubochku remained in one bikini without a bra. Chat lesbiene.

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