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Ideal position, it would not need much strength as I went here nobody saw where I was, no one knows. The reasons? Why would she kill me? I do not know … there is no reason, delirium, delusions …. what a panic attack …

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Thoughts flew and burned like sparks out emery grinder blades. Look up and calm down. No. Run sharply otprygni and run …. And if you do not have time, it’s so crowded and the body does not respond.

Pull the ladder out from under her. So space is not! What the crap? Internally curled and straining every muscle, I slowly began to raise its head.
Sharp pain from the neck to neck, turning to warm Lomat, darkness.

Oh God, how can you not comfortable … nadozhe it was asleep in a similar position – head thrown back hard on the high chair. Stiff neck, aching from the shoulder to the neck, the whole body as a wood and I’m still a little cold. How long I’ve been so tan?

Where Katherine? And a strange feeling, something I dreamed that I can not remember, something meaningful, bright, seems something interesting, sorry I can not remember …
Stood up, stretched, cracked almost all joints at once.

Dark, light fell from the hallway, but had to go to the clock that would see the arrows. Twelve. So slept for about an hour. Walked around the apartment, Catherine nowhere.

Shirt on a chair in the living room with a passport, a passport to a job and the money either. 1 site camsex.

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