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- I see … By the way, what’s your name?
- Maria Andrey me, well, you can just Masha – smiling to him, I said.

- Then I can just Lesch – he said, holding out my hand.
- Very nice – shook his hand, I said.
- So well that Mary, let your thermometer and see what you’ve got there.
I again pushed to the left edge of her robe and pulled out a thermometer.

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Peripheral vision, I saw the doctor again glanced at my chest. If at first I was a bit awkward, but now I have this little wound up.
- Yes temperature really small – almost 39.2! How is your throat?
- A little sore when swallow.

- Open your mouth, your mouth looks.
- Well – I said, opening his mouth.
- Yes … A reddish cough is?
- Rarely coughs.

- Then we have to listen to your chest. Take off your robe – zastenchevo doctor said.
- A good … – I muttered, and began to unbutton his indecision robe.

Unbuttoning the last button, I took off the robe and threw it on the bed. Of modesty, I spontaneously folded her arms and her breasts, as well as bulging nipples through the thin fabric nightie.

And most importantly it was not under her panties, so I took them off in the morning and put it in the wash. But could I have imagined that end up in this position??? Alexei saw my confusion, I politely asked him to turn his back, which I did.

The doctor began to “listen” to my back. Most likely, he noticed that under my translucent nightie no panties …
- Sorry, Mary, but a matter of your nightie poorly tapped bodies, so I would ask you to lower a little of her – again by clicking on the “you”, said Alexey embarrassed.

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