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About his feelings, she said that she likes how he fuck, dick size, almost the same as mine, but the sperm tastes different.

The question which is tastier, she said that she was just different. In the morning, in the kitchen, before leaving his wife to work, she spoke about it again.
- What do we do now with Oleg? – Embarrassed his wife asked.

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- What do you think? I would like the decision you took.
- Well, if you do not mind, let everything remains as before. – She said, lowering her eyes. I stood up and kissed her neck and said, I’m glad. She replied, long kiss.

Two days was all dimensions but sex was amazing I was interested in what was without me, and on the third day, Friday, wife called from work and asked if I do not mind if it is delayed at work, I said I really want this .
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After we took a shower and went to the kitchen to drink tea.
- What did you do while I nebilo? Spy on video chat.

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