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After Andrew violently ended her mouth.
-Eat, bitch, your shit gravy – gave him pleasure to humiliate the woman.
Now Andrew took the camera and started Lech fun.
He undressed woman then demanded lipstick. Irina gave him her lipstick, and Lech began to decorate her body with obscenities.

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Minute admiring his work, he took Irina’s hair and started fooling on the floor.
This attitude has led to the fact that in five minutes Irina was all in the basement dirt, and hair like a dirty brush. Shone through the mud obscene inscriptions.

-Y, dirty pig, I will demonstrate to you who you really are – not less Lehi Andrew liked to humiliate the woman. – Do your mouth and suck tube.
He sat her on the floor, threw his head back and began to insert his penis into her mouth. Eggs and then beat Irina face.

Lech held her head and roughly fucked in the mouth. After some time he came too, and Irina and swallowed his cum. Then she licked ass Lehi.
Pushed her to the floor, took away the dress.
-The next time you will not hang around in basements, blyadina! – And then they’re gone.

A couple of hours Irina ventured to look out onto the street. A long time it was night. She went out and carefully keeping to the shadows made her way through the city. She managed to get to the house unnoticed, but the car was parked in front of the porch, and go past just was not possible.

Irina courage and went to the door to the porch. Gay random webchat.

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