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Free live mobile webcam. In this situation, he realized that Flora needs his help and support . If you can not convince the daughter to stay – must follow.
- But what about Lucy? – He asked . – It is very razvolnuetsya if we suddenly leave.

- And let’s ask her – suddenly suggested Flora . Inspired her own decision , gave an unexpected burst of energy – from dejectedly sufferer she again became the mistress of his fate.
Lucy , in the usual childhood absarokskom dress was in a crowd of kids playing . Flora knew her only from afar blond hair and smeared with dust face daughter of Adam is no different from the young Indians.

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Take Lucy to the side to talk proved to be difficult – she wanted to finish .
Flora finally took her to a quiet place , sat on his haunches before the girl and asked :
- Tell me , honey , do you mind if I will follow your dad and James , who had gone to war ?
Lucy , gazing wistfully toward playing peers, listening to her not quite carefully.
- You’re the one going away ? – Finally asked the girl . She knew that Dad never goes over the steppe one – and even more so when he’s on the warpath .
- No, of course – said Flora . – Go with me , my father , Alan, Douglas and Henry . So I’ll be a reliable company . And look after you Spring Lily . Okay ?
- I’m coming! – Cried Lucy children who waved her arms invitingly . So did not reply to Flora , she politely asked : – Can I go now – play?

We play the run, and I win .
Flora said with relief :
- Well, run, run …
It was clear that her departure was not too traumatic for the girl. Free live mobile webcam.

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