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I agreed and put on the table the contents of the package. She went out.

I was standing in a large room, apparently in the living room, his whole appearance she was stuck in the nineties – parquet, wallpaper, wall with sets on display behind glass doors, old lamp, carpet on the wall behind the couch, next to a window table and a few chairs the same time. The only … massive leather sofa is quite modern, like was recently purchased, yes a big flat screen TV, a couple of dissonance have made the overall style.

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Well, glasses and a pear, it seems to say the best snack to brandy … I just sip, returned smiling landlady.

Now I was able to get a better view of her face with no large regular features and dark brown eyes, seemed to me familiar toli toli some strange, in all its form and look felt an inner strength and mature femininity, she was certainly attractive, but the beauty of it was not a classic, once received at a glance …
And as you ….

I mean … what’s your name? I … Sergei.
Katya. Ekaterina Petrovna – in voice, but not loud, and she laughed melodiously.

I clearly amused by it, but I’m not offended, but rather the contrary somehow endeared her and defuse the situation. I filled the glasses, and quite a bit of it a little more myself:
For acquaintance and permutation.

We both drank normally drink vodka – knocking and biting.
And so important to listen to what I can not handle one – that sofa, I want to put it to the window, move the lamp in place of the sofa, well, a table lamp into place … Free live chat.

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