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“Br-rr .. Oh-yo! Scary! Well, what? The train started, and we are in it.

Let’s go! “, I thought.
“Well, so what? Do not!

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I will not! ”
“Did you tell the guys in the ITT”
“Believe. I’ll do anything to you opolovinili as soon as you get there you will get ”
“Opolovinili? This is what the word is?

How did she get it? “, I thought, but I realized that this is due to passive or homosexuality, according to popular saying,” cocks. ”
“Do not! I was joking! ”
“I told you quickly tell me your details.

I promise you that if I do you calculate that you have no idea what you are doing already in office ”
“Quickly tell me where you live, and then, maybe, I thought, to put you in a circle or not?”
“How’s that?”
“Do not you know? In our department, the same room, sit a bunch of guys who believe such perverts and pedophiles allowed in a circle.

And you know what the most delight that awaits you? First, you’ll take whatever you give it and give it to you. Secondly, when you’re done orally or anally satisfy the latter, the first is again “wants” and the second round started. So, quickly tell your home phone!

Quickly! I’m waiting. Believe me, I will not fall off of you now .. ”

After the last sentence I nearly died of fright.
If you want I put the remaining two chapters of his adventures, write me an email freepismail, and I do not even understand it at all interesting to someone or not.

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