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Chat sex onling w. And he does not have to justify to the three women. But common sense dictates that they can only open his gates to Essie. If it does not pass through them, Essie he did not see as their ears. Wanting to appease them, he admitted:
- I asked her to marry me.

- Um … – Judy muttered suspiciously.
- My God! – Elinor said, her hands folded in the castle trembled. – And it upset her?
It’s not like Essie. Are you sure that it is properly understood you?

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- Yes, – said Lionel, remembering Essie’s expression when she said she did not marry him. – She understood me.
- Um … I guess you did everything wrong.

Men can never do anything right the first time. – Judy took her hands from the thighs and put them on a powerful chest. – Tell me what you said. Then we’ll see what we can do.

But before he could answer, Polly stepped forward, blocking his back turned to the old woman and said:
- In fact, he does not want to marry her. He does not love her. Just wants a wife and family, and Essie – a reliable man.

Lionel tried to push Polly, but she stood firm on his feet.
- Of course I want to marry her. I would not ask her to marry me, if it were not so.

Polly narrowed her eyes and stared up Lionel’s a look that he once again surprised that at first mistook her for a fool.
- But this does not justify the fact that you hurt Essie – said Polly.
- What was I offended her?
- We proposed to marry you.

Yes, maybe he’s an idiot, but Lionel has not yet realized that he had done this.
- You did not do it correctly.
- Do not correct? Chat sex onling w.

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