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Bezplatni sex chat. But most of all startled eyes – wet, wide open and some … No, not scared, and slightly crazy.
Katherine noticed a change in all at once. Woman overnight changed beyond recognition.

She blossomed like a magnificent flower. Her face began to play a happy smile to colorize all of its features in a bright, rich colors. The village quickly prosekli what was going on.

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Yes Katerina did not hide much. Box labeled “Mail” twice a week delayed until late in the Forest. A couple of times so all went out of the village in the morning.

And then, two months later, out of the hospital Potapych. Grisha sank just as it had appeared. More he did not show up in the village. Closer to spring Katherine gave birth …

Son named Igor. However, Ilya, seeing her brother for the first time, immediately called Garik. And now no one else and did not call.
As a child, often called names gypsy boy.

However, it was sheer truth and Garik not offended. Mother immediately after birth faded, dried somehow – this time permanently. Ilya after graduation so in his native village and did not return, and what to do in the Forest of Chartered Engineers.

However, senior majoring worked only some two years, and then hit the business. By the time when Garik was finishing school, Ilya had married and divorced, leaving barren wife earned over the years built a brand new apartment and dacha.

Therefore, entered the institute, Garik settled in his cramped apartment in the small-family house. Flatlet was really close, well, at least there was a separate bathroom available. Bezplatni sex chat.

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