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- Well, if you ask me … so
She opened her mouth and gently put her lips head awkwardly. Denis, a little podnapryagshis became shove her back his already elastic term.

To his delight, Ira responded to these actions rather calmly. She seems like a new game. When his cock was at the halfway Irishkov mouth, he felt an indescribable bliss.

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Well just nice to impossible. He remembered how his mother and uncle Boris once lay bare here on this couch, and he still quite small shket with avid curiosity peeping at them from his “child”, without understanding what is happening. These memories only provoke him further.

He whispered:
- Cosi, Irisha. Suck it, come on! As a popsicle! Like a lollipop!

Lick it from all sides!
Making sure that everything is in order, he began to move his ass back and forth, repeating again and again:
- Cosi same Ira … suck it deep … as follows … as you can …
In her sister’s eyes he wanted to look confident now.

He lifted her nightgown up to his armpits, wanting to expose more of her body, then put his hands on the still quite invisible bumps breasts and began stroking them lightly.
- Come on! Come on! A little more, Ira, more sensitive!

Do not stop! Cool!
At some point, Dennis was so fascinated and so deeply stuck in her mouth his dick that she almost choked. She released his pussy mouth and asked petulantly:
- Well, where is it, this is your milk?

Half an hour, probably suck … What lied, right?
- No, no, now is – assured her brother, fearing that she change his mind suck. – It is somewhere nearby.

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