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A week later, Olga decided to go to another city and try to forget his adventure.

She had already packed up and paid off his landlady, who was filming when the phone rang. Called Paul.
An hour later, Olga sat on the floor of the familiar van and went to a new life …

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Started when I went to Ensk.
Found shelter, people can help and all vsyakosti.
Girls are well tried and turned me into a very pretty and sexy girl.

Everything was explained to me and out of popularity.
Came together to walk around town, went to a night club of some sort.
When they came, the girls do not remember what excuse forced me to go to the men sitting on the bench in three hundred meters from the club.

They were adults, sometimes even rude and swearing, I was somehow not even posebe ….
One came up to me, grabbed my buttocks and began to twirl. And I have a beautiful body, and face, such rounded ass, and I’m stuck in the anus anal beads.

Feeling such movements I moaned slightly, and this caused a strong reaction from them. They surrounded me and began to look at, and this fingered my ass and said,
- Ooooh, shemale .. Schmal?
- ponyalya not! – I was outraged that he behaved
- otsosesh?

Then the girls jumped
- Well, Dash, we should run
And I got it! After all, there was talk about how to find me someone, I said that I wanted gruppovichek, but could not even imagine that they are so fast razyschut stud for me, bitches.

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