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It was evening. Our conversation with Tanya was held in one of the luxurious rooms of his house.

It is usually produced as wet cleaning, and I accidentally found a free moment in his busy schedule of duties and decided to talk to her.
-Well dear, if you want me to see his wife in the role of submissive whores, I can play this role, but just know, I, unlike you not going to put up with it. – Firm said spouse.

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- And I do not put up with it, just need to understand what will happen to us if we do not want to obey him, – I said. – I understand – it’s very humbling and lousy, but think it would be if he simply expel us? I was immediately taken away to a place with barbed wire, and you stay on the street. – I went on. – In his house perspective, much better …

Look, I’m just biding time, not more, as things settle down, we leave ourselves!
-Yes dear! Most likely you’re right. Can be mangled a lot of firewood, and then a lifetime regret it.

Only here we’re able to get close, even on his knees. I will obey him! – She has spoken.
-I love you my dear!

-And I love you darling!
We exchanged a firm kiss shared with a cuddle. But to remain so for a long time: it was – smoking Master, unnecessarily, he disapproved such ties among his servants.

Secluded themselves we only at night, and then, in a room where we lived (more like a closet), under the eye of surveillance cameras, so to have sex, we hid in a small closet. Mr. knew that man and woman are married and living together, well, just can not live without “passion of love.” Therefore, the fact that sex between us was banned, very humiliated us. Live chat sex vidao.

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