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The next morning, Vera called work and said that she is sick. She had to make sense of everything that happened and decide how to live after that and what to do.

But she had not. The doorbell rang. Stood on the threshold Alla.
Alla now reminded of the cassette.

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Alla and reminded about the fact that her father was a great police chief. She will be able to convince him that Vera seduced and corrupted it, and even then its “father” will find a way to destroy a young teacher. Alla requirement was to Vera went to visit her.

For women’s intimate conversation. And Vera went.
The apartment Alla were two more of its student chubby brunette petite blonde Olga and Lena.

Girls got a bottle of brandy and offered Vera drink with them. “You know Vera, what you did yesterday with Oleg was just great. You are very beautiful. When I looked at it, I realized that I wanted to try to make love to you. I never tried to do it with the girls.

But really want. And it with you. refuses. You know it’s late, “- said Alla. “She had called me by name. Why do I listen to it?

How strange,” – thought Vera.
She had a feeling that all this is just a weird crazy dream. Drinking nicely ran down her body.

In the room the curtains were drawn, and was dim. Play slowly enveloping music. Alla took off her skirt, panties and sat on the bed. “Come to me” – imperiously demanded Alla.

Vera came, and Alla took her head and pressed it to her vagina.
Alla came from her pussy tart smell. “Come on!” – Alla and tightly wrapped around the head of the Faith with their bare thighs. Kerala free sexy chat rooms.

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