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She already knew bad happening. Finally, put it, brought from home, and put him in a taxi. However, this was not all.

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The taxi driver had introduced the girl in a dark alley and also stuffed in her mouth his dick. When he finished, he left, leaving Lisa in an unfamiliar place. Long girl was walking through the city and came home only in the morning. She wept, then cleaned up and went to the police.

The building ATC Lisa long hesitate to contact someone with the trouble. Finally decided and went to one of his servants. He put the girl in the office, listened to her, wrote something down.

Investigator then took her to an expert.
In another room a man in a long white coat examining the mouth of the girl. Then he asked her to undress.

Lisa hesitated, but the expert said that it is a mandatory procedure. When she completely undressed, he began to photograph her. Then asked her to lie down, spread legs and the girl began to photograph her crotch.

The man said he had to make sure she was a virgin, and took a few photos of the vagina, her lips parted. Lisa told her to come to the investigator the next day.
The next day, the three men drove the girl on investigative experiment.

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