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Chat vidio six frer android. One day her husband was invited to work in Moscow, offered a good salary and prospects.
We had an apartment which we sold and left. At first, in Moscow, we rented an apartment, I got a job in a bank to Corporate customers.

Daughter went to a new school, thank God, left to finish my studies Grade 11, and then to college. So we spent the third month, and slowly began to understand that money, including our salaries and the amount of sold apartments, not enough for a 2-bedroom apartment.

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And if you take a mortgage payment amount is approximately equal to our monthly income from her husband. It was therefore decided that we rent an apartment and slowly kopim mortgage.
Little about the family members. Dasha is a big girl, but sometimes behaves like a child.

My husband and I tried to bring her in severity, and pamper her in childhood is not particularly necessary. Not the financial situation. My Dasha little shorter than me, 167 cm, with a slender body and long blond to mid-back hair.

In a word the young lady of marriageable age. My husband and I brought her in severity and were forbidden until graduation and admission to the Institute to meet with the boys, have always believed that she should marry a good man from a wealthy family.

Therefore Dasha mostly spent time with my friends and textbooks. Always returned home early. But on arrival in Moscow, on the Internet met the boy, who was 25 years old.
In my opinion it is very like her because she literally begged us to let her father for an hour later a walk.

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