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Cut off from everyone you know. Helpless.
Essie thought, then shook her head.
- No.

It seems not.
Lionel leaned forward, put his elbows on his knees and began looking at a spot on the floor, was located between his boots.
- Once when I was about fifteen or sixteen, the parents were out of town and left me alone.

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Nina has always been at your house, your father, grandmother and grandfather, and I was left alone at home. In this crypt. – He laughed, but it was a bitter laugh. – Parents thought that I like it.
- Lionel, you could stay with …
He raised his hand, asking her to be quiet.

- No, I could not. Because of his father, who wanted to let me stay in the house alone, to feel independent man. My father thought that I would be happy about it. I myself thought so.

But after the first night … The house was completely empty. – Lionel laughed again, but this time his laughter was a drop of humor. – My God, there was a sickening, even when we were four of us at home. But all alone? When near a soul?

It was so …
Lionel did not finish the sentence, but mentally Essie did it herself. Horrible – that’s what she thought she would be in his place.

Lionel rights, calling your house vault. Family nest Norte was as cold and unwelcoming as parents Lionel. There was quite an icy kingdom.
- And Nina and I have always thought that in the absence of parents are you satisfied with it … orgy – Essie murmured thoughtfully.

- Only once. – He smiled slyly. – My father warned me not to dare to hold a party there. Asian free sex chatline.

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